Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Thank God

thanks God today my dad left my house i feel cuz he is my dad i have to love him but i hate him if that makes sence he was being such a dink today paron my mouth but i am so mad he made me cry and my sister to they both try and make me look bad and feel bad i hate it i am still feeling like cutting so bad but i am trying to fight i missed my councelling apt today but i got a tat lol a butterfly i will post it in my art blog and steve you make me laugh thank you for being a good friend and for careing and thank you to everyone else it means alot to me so i am alone tonight yayyyy no stupid family lol

love ya all




I'm saying "Welcome" to my blog. I see you became a follower and that makes me very happy.

I hope you find at least a "Scrap" of love, comfort, hope, peace, and serenity there whenever you visit.

Love, hugs, and prayers,
Prayer Girl

Gabriella Moonlight said...

What a great evening alone...sometimes in my alone moments I can feel the presence of god and the love that is there. Thank you for your blog and your thoughts.


Micky said...
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