Monday, December 8, 2008


i dont know who i am anymore or what i want i am never the same from one day to the next i never dad is here it is going so so but he says a bunch of lies like my sis and i took him to church on sunday and he said that he use to take use when we were kids well no he dident i went with my grandma when i was little then when i was 10 i started going alone every sunday then i left home at 15 and kept going alone he only took me once ONCE why dose he lie he wants to make himself look good it makes me mad and i am just venting so i am done now


mile191 said...

amy. i am sooo not mad at you at all. i wasn't able to write much on Sunday, i just left my scheduled sunday funny up. i am so sorry about your feelings about your dad right now. I HATE family that LIES, and makes you feel so crazy. YOU are not the one with the problem. I am glad that you are writing. i wish you would write more. when you think you want to cut, try CUTTING the memories that are hurting you by writing, and then do some fabulous art with the adrenaline. I wish I had better advice. I know that writing is working for me. I don't think it will ever end. the writing, and the pain will just come and go.

having family around is such a trigger for pain, particularly when so much of your memory has to do with family. I wish that i could say something that tells you how much you mean to me. you have BEAUTIFUL talent, and i have gotten a great deal of peace just looking at your art. i love to see what you do.

sorry for the blank time. i guess that i just took a bit of a break. i posted a bit on saturday, and then took time off till now.

hope you feel a bit better today. please let me know. and KEEP WRITING. KEEP CREATING. you are amazing. i have another award to give you. so i will let you know when i get it up, okay. ♥love and safe hugs♥♥♥

mile191 said...

just seeing if you are there...

mile191 said...

just checking on you...i posted a new award on the sidebar.

it is the real blogs, real people award...

for you and thanks for being my support...i also have another award i want to give to you, so watch, soon as i can i will post it.

steveroni said...

Hey girl, you just go ahead and VENT...maybe we'll "vent" together--I'll have to ask Prayer girl if that's OK with her!

If she says "No", well then, I'll just "VENT" some more!

Peace, stay safe, we all love you, I hope you know that!

aka steveroni

steveroni said...

BTW, Amy, I forgot to say, I LOVE your art. Especially I like butterflies.

I'm sure you know they used to be called "Flutter-bys" and some little tyke in England got it mixed up one spring afternoon, and called the flutterby a "butterfly"--and so it is.....Love,

mile191 said...

hey amy, checking in. hang in there. i am sorry you are feeling that way.

steveroni said...

Amy, I'm CHECKING up on you....-grin, and no...SORRY, I am NOT a stalker! Wishful thinking, huh?

Seriously, I'm really praying that you are in a better place today, girl. Please let us know, though. Somehow!

You don't have to write a BLONG--just a two-liner, such as,

"Hey everyone, I'm OK. Much better. Love y'all. Thanks for thinking of me! -- Amy" TRY it! OK?

Micky said...



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